• Leverage the buying power that is associated with managing a large portfolio in the best interests of the developments, achieving notable economies of scale in highly competitive procurement procedures;

      Manage and execute all FM contracts in the long-term interest of the developments

    • The experienced team of professionals at Nakheel Strata provide a variety of services designed to support communities.

      Administrative services

      • Establish and maintain owners roll and minute book;
      • Establish and maintain a record system of all correspondence pursuant to law;
      • Maintain a roll of assets and facilities within the development as well as warranties;
      • Record and retain all required notices under the Strata Legislation;
      • Prepare, distribute and collect all correspondence and records related to the General Assembly meeting;
      • Prepare, distribute and collect all correspondence and records for all other meetings which are required during the financial year by the board members;
      • Maintain the schedule of exclusive use parking allocations and storage areas;
      • Attend and record all meetings and issue Minutes of Meetings to all owners;
      • Provide a point of contact for owners as well occupants and attend routine written and oral communication;
      • Advise and assist owners and residents/occupiers in relation to the commercial Community Rules;
      • Arrange insurances and claims as per Owners Association decision;
      • Maintain a register for supply agreements;
      • Maintain full documentation for history of service providers;
      • Serve notices and keep the board members informed on relevant legal and regulatory issues;
      • Provide monthly management reports to the Owners Association board including details of resident complaints, action and follow-up;
      • Attend to the instructions of the client and liaise with other service providers in relation to the operation and maintenance of the development;

      Owners Association Meetings

      • Prepare Association Meetings, including preparation of notices of General Assembly for the Owners Association, proxies, voting papers, budget information and reports;
      • Prepare and distribute the General Assembly agenda for the Owners Association;
      • Prepare and accept correspondence on behalf of the Owners Association;
      • Convene and run the Association meeting;
      • Prepare, record and distribute Minutes of the General Meetings.
      • Owners Association Board and Board Meetings
      • Assist the Board with understanding its responsibilities and restrictions and provide advice as requested;
      • Prepare and distribute notices of Board meetings;
      • Convene and run Board meetings;
      • Prepare, record and distribute minutes of board meetings.
      • Financial and Accounting Services
      • Set up, manage and maintain bank account(s) in the name of the Owners Association as required by RERA and as per direction by Owners Association;
      • In conjunction with the board, prepare the budget for the following financial year and provide general advice on General and Reserve Fund requirements to the Owners Association;
      • Load financials Owner information onto the software system with existing data from the existing Owners Association Manager;
      • Issue Service Charge notices as per agreement with the Owners Association board;
      • Prepare and distribute utility Invoices for chilled water - as per the entitlements;
      • Receive service charge and utility payments and issue receipts;
      • Perform debt collection and the recovery of outstanding Service and Utility Charges and report the progress to the board to help in ensuring sufficient cash flow of the building
      • Follow-up on collections of arrears using instruments given under the law to the Owners Association
      • Approve payment of invoices and present to Owners Association for payment;
      • Provide monthly income and expenditure reports, budget target reports and arrears reports to the Owners Association
      • Maintain books of accounts and prepare monthly reports as balance sheet, statements of income and expenditure and collection reports
      • Assist the external auditor in providing accounts and records for the required audit(s) and reconciliation of funds
      • Advise and assist the Owners Association if legal action is needed to recover outstanding Service Charges


      • Recommend appropriate insurance policy cover for the building, board or Owners Association;
      • Obtain quotes for insurance required under the law prior to the date of renewal;
      • Submit quotes to Owners Association Board, provide advice and renew insurances (according to instructions);
      • Prepare, lodge and follow up on insurance claims on behalf of the Owners Association;
      • Arrange insurance valuations as and when required.
    • The Owners Association provides a platform to preserve, maintain and enhance the homes and services of the community.

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