Our communities are made for living, spending quality time with loved ones and experiencing the best lifestyle possible. We have compiled important information in the documents below, for your assistance with matters related to your villas as well as guidelines for the community and access to facilities. We kindly request you to download the documents, read them thoroughly and adhere to the guidelines for a pleasant living environment. Your cooperation is essential in maintaining Warsan Village community as one of the most ideal residential addresses.

A list of reputed car wash, home cleaning, landscaping, laundry, MEP maintenance, painting and pest control service companies you contact anytime your home needs any of these services.


Help us maintain a clean, healthy and attractive living environment for you and your family by following Community Rules for common areas, private functions, parking, balconies, visitors and more.


Contractors for painting, landscaping, garden maintenance and other home services, require a permit to enter the community. Find out how to apply for daily passes, long-term permits, move-in / move-out permits and more.



Enhance your community by keeping homes & outdoor areas tidy.

Keep your garden looking its best with regular landscaping.

Take care of your home's exteriors with regular painting and maintenance.

Help us maintain a clean and healthy living environment. Avoid feeding birds and stray cats.

Switch to eco-friendly car wash to keep your community clean.

Common areas are for all residents to enjoy and use for their intended purposes.

Maintain your community's appearance and refrain from making unauthorised home exterior alterations.

Please follow Community rules to ensure a safe and attractive neighbourhood for you and your family.

Prolong the lifespan of your A/C motors and fans by ensuring that you appoint a qualified contractor for a quarterly preventive maintenance check.

Save on your DEWA bill by installing faucet aerators on all your taps.

Need Security assistance? Have suggestions or complaints? Contact us at 800-NAKHEEL (800-625 4335)

Please update your contact details to ensure you are informed of the latest community news and events by emailing us at Help@NakheelCommunities.com

Join us in enhancing the community by reporting incidents through Help@NakheelCommunities.com