MBR City District One

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District One
The ultimate destination for luxury lifestyle and upscale living.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District One is a planned mixed-use gated community that forms a central part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City.

Situated at the heart of Dubai, flanked by four arterial roads and surrounded by the city’s iconic landmarks, this wonderful community features family entertainment, retail, arts, and entrepreneurship.

Spread across 1,100 acres of lush greenery and centred around the magnificent Crystal Lagoon, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District One consists of 627 villas, 38 townhouses and 1,750 apartments with parks, lawns, green lanes, and recreational parks, as well as a landscaped walkway on over 600 acres of dedicated open space. 

627 Villas
1,750 Apartments
Amenities - Basketball Courts Basketball Courts
Amenities - Tennis Courts Tennis Courts
Amenities - Football Pitch Football Pitches
Amenities - Padel Courts Padel Courts
Amenities - Barbecue Stations Barbecue Stations
Amenties - EV Charging Stations EV Charging Stations
Amenities - Recycling Stations Recycling Stations
Amenities - Swimming Pool Swimming Pools
Amenities - Jogging Track Jogging Track
Amenities - Kids Play Areas Kids' Play Areas
Amenities - Dog Parks Dog Park
Amenities - Gymnasium Gymnasiums
Amenities - Cycling Track Cycling Track
Abdelghani Khaldouni
Community Operations
Jenelin Dumayag
Jenelin Dumayag
Community Operations
Mohammed Abbas
Mohammed Abbas
Community Operations
Karim Baig
Community Operations
Shafi Moideen
Shafi Moideen
Community Operations
Abdullah Muhammad
Community Operations
Anna Castulo
Anna Castulo
Community Operations
Syed Haque
Syed Haque
Community Operations
Neetan D’Souza
Neetan D’Souza
Community Operations
Crystal Lagoon
Crystal Lagoon

First of its kind in the UAE, this is a sustainable water feature that uses state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technology to ensure the lagoon looks beautiful and crystal clear.

Your Sports Hub

Stay on top of your game at any of the community’s sports amenities for football, basketball or tennis. Burn a few calories in the great outdoors whilst at the outdoor pitches or jogging track.


Planning on a modification for your villa? Find out how to submit a request for villa painting, landscape modifications, installation of shades/structures or swimming pools, plot extensions, and others and gain approvals.

Help us maintain a clean, healthy, and attractive living environment for you and your family by following these community rules for common areas, private functions, parking, fishing, balconies, visitors and more.

Reminders - Keep your Outdoors Tidy Keep your outdoors tidy and clutter-free for a clean appearance.
Reminders - Home Gardens Perform Home gardens perform best with regular landscaping maintenance.
Reminders - Take Care of Your Home Take care of your home’s exteriors with regular painting and maintenance.
Reminders - Avoid Feeding Birds Avoid feeding birds and stray cats and help us maintain a clean and healthy environment.
Reminders - Eco-friendly Car Washing Switch to eco-friendly car washing options to help preserve your community.
Reminders - Common Areas Residents Common areas are for all residents to enjoy and use for their intended purposes.
Reminders - Store ATV Store ATVs, trailers, and watercraft only within your property.
Reminders - Maintain your community’s Maintain your community’s appearance and refrain from undertaking unauthorised exterior alterations.
Reminders - Follow Community Rules Follow the community rules to ensure a safe and attractive neighbourhood for all residents.
Reminders - Extend Lifespan AC Extend the lifespan of your AC’s motors and fans by appointing a qualified contractor for a quarterly preventive maintenance check.
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  • Nakheel Community Management Centre – District One Clubhouse
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  • 800 NAKHEEL (6254335)
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