Masakin Al Furjan

Masakin Al Furjan
One of the city’s happiest and family-friendly residential gated communities

This family and pet-friendly gated development, consisting of seven low-rise buildings is popular for its peaceful community lifestyle and abundant green spaces.

The community has the Al Furjan Pavilion outside the residential complex, and includes supermarkets, salons, pet stores and restaurants.

335 homes
7 buildings
Shopping Pavillion Shopping Pavillion
Amenities - Barbecue Stations Barbecue Stations
Amenities - Swimming Pool Swimming Pools
Amenities - Gymnasium Gymnasiums
Amenities - Kids Play Areas Kids' Play Areas
Amenities - Park Parks
Ruby Nuestro
Community Operations
Ajay George
Ajay George
Community Operations
Naveen Shivakumara
Naveen Shivakumara
Community Operations
Numan Syed
Numan Syed
Community Operations
Leah Vitor
Leah Vitor
Community Operations
Al Furjan Pavilion

Visit the pavilion and find lifestyle stores, cafés, hobby shops, supermarkets, clinics, pharmacies, pet shops, salons, photo studios, money exchanges, children’s nurseries, and restaurants

Ibn Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta Mall

Explore Nakheel's themed mall designed around explorer Ibn Battuta’s travel experiences. Shopping, dining, and entertainment come together at India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia, and China Courts.


Contractors for home services like painting, landscaping, or garden maintenance require a permit to enter your tower. Learn how you can apply for daily, short-term, or long-term permits, move-in/move-out permits and more.

Help us maintain a clean, healthy, and attractive living environment for you and your family by following these community rules.

Reminders - Keep your Outdoors Tidy Keep your outdoors tidy and clutter-free for a clean appearance.
Reminders - Avoid Feeding Birds Avoid feeding birds and stray cats and help us maintain a clean and healthy environment.
Reminders - Take Care of Your Home Take care of your home with regular checks and maintenance.
Reminders - Help us maintain a clean and healthy environment Help us maintain a clean and healthy environment.
Reminders - Eco-friendly Car Washing Switch to eco-friendly car washing options to help preserve your community.
Reminders - Maintain your building’s appearance Maintain your building’s appearance and refrain from undertaking unauthorized exterior alterations.
Reminders - Common Areas Residents Common areas are for all residents to enjoy and use for their intended purposes.
Reminders - Extend Lifespan AC Extend the lifespan of your AC’s motors and fans by appointing a qualified contractor for a quarterly preventive maintenance check.
Reminders - Eliminate Tripping Hazard Eliminate tripping hazards by ensuring that the doorway is free of scooters, strollers, water cans, or other decorations.
Reminders - Save on your DEWA bill Save on your DEWA bill by installing water aerators on your household taps.
Parking spaces are reserved for cars and motorbikes only Parking spaces are reserved for cars and motorbikes only.
Reminders - Follow Community Rules Follow the community rules to ensure a safe and attractive neighbourhood for all residents.
Nearest NCM Centre
  • Nakheel Community Management Centre – Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel Mall, Next to Fitness First
  • 800 NAKHEEL (6254335) or
    +971 800 NAKHEEL (for international customers)
  • 800 NAKHEEL (6254335)
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