LiveWell with Nakheel hosted its latest community health & wellness event at Sal’s Bistro, Jumeirah Islands Pavilion, where clinical health psychologist Dr. Melanie Schlatter and LiveWell Founder Irina Sharma spoke on taking a proactive stance to improve, maintain and nurture our mind health, to ensure that we live healthy, productive, and meaningful lives.

The talk explored topics such as ways to ease anxieties and reassured guests that feeling anxious is a normal reaction and how self-care practices can help in overcoming it. Dr. Melanie gave guests advice on how to deal with anxiety, such as remaining positive and staying productive.

Five lucky guests won vouchers for a complimentary massage at Fresh 7.

LiveWell with Nakheel is committed to cultivating a safe space where conversations about health and wellbeing are normalised. Mind health is the most vital and essential component in creating healthy communities.

Visit to register and for more information and follow @nakheelcommunities on social media to stay updated on the event.

Dr. Melanie Schlatter guides residents on unlocking the mind

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